Matters of the Heart

You met her four years ago in a WhatsApp group called "Danny's Birthday". Funny enough, you didn't know who Danny was, or that his birthday was coming up. No one could deny her beauty, she was the Princess Diana of the royal family. You had recently got a new haircut and you were feeling fresh,... Continue Reading →



"And I am no one's mwanamke," a livid Carl utters under his belch. He's already had a few. Guinness. I've never understood how people chug such a bitter drink as if it was just another bottle of water. He had his casual weekend attire on, a polo shirt and his favorite jeans. They had the... Continue Reading →

First Impressions.

All lasting relationships start with good first impressions. Be it with your partner, an employee or even a biweekly blog, there's no denying that your first thoughts of the other party determine what your relationship with them would be like. This makes me think about relationships and why we choose to involve ourselves in them.... Continue Reading →

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